Change of plea in Slender Man case

Anissa Weier, one of the two Waukesha girls charged with stabbing a classmate to please the fictional character known as Slender Man was back in court Friday morning.

Weier and her attorneys asked a judge to accept a change of plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

The same change of plea was made by Morgan Geyer, the other girl charged in the case, in August.

Both girls are being tried as adults.

Weier will now undergo an evaluation.

Her attorney said the plea change was something Weier decided to do after several conversations.

The change in plea can mean more more treatment and resources for a possible future after being released.

But it also mean more supervision, which can possibly translate into more time in a mental hospital.

"Under a not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, the hospital must constantly evaluate what is the least restrictive means necessary to both treat her and protect the public," explained Weier's attorney Maura McMahon.

Both Weier and Geyser will be back in court on October 13.

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