Chance For Triple-Digit Heat Ends Soon

No doubt it's been a warm summer in southeast Wisconsin. Remember this:

This was exactly a week ago where spots touched triple-digit "feels-like" temperatures during the afternoon. That day also tied as the warmest day of the year as our actual high temperature reached ninety-four degrees!  And if your longer term memory is sharp, maybe you recall this stretch:

The above graphic shows high temperatures and peak heat index values during our prolonged stretch of intense heat during the period of July 21st-24th. 

Here's a snapshot of that Thursday afternoon showing the heat index values which were as high as 117° in the Dells.

We had heat warnings in effect across the area that day. And over the course of those four days temperatures were brutal. Pretty dangerous heat, especially for us Wisconsin folks that don't have a ton of experience with extreme heat.

Right now we are still monitoring the possibility of another ninety degree for tomorrow. We average nine days in the 90s per year in Milwaukee and so far we've had eleven. Here's the last five years of 90s in Milwaukee.

So, if we once again reach ninety tomorrow afternoon, that would be the twelfth time this year. And possibly the last. We are really starting to notice the loss of daylight and less sun, means less time to warm up. From the longest days of the year up to today, we've lost about fifty minutes on our sunrise and forty-seven minutes on the sunset. And the temperature trend is reflected in the record books. August 24th holds our last record high temperature in the triple-digits at 100° on the dot. That record dates back to 1948. While tomorrow's forecast high of ninety degrees isn't triple digit heat, the heat index values or "feels-like" temperatures may approach that level. Be sure to stay hydrated and if you are outside for lengthy periods of time, try and find some shade.

Cooling relief is just days away. As of now forecast highs are set to top out in the 70s this weekend and for the start of next week. It would be the first time this month temperatures fall short of eighty degrees for highs and also would be the first time afternoon highs are below normal.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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