CBS 58 Viewers Help Local family Find Missing Service Dog


   We received a call from one of your viewers who said she saw our companion
dog CIROC on TV 58's web page. She checked animal control and found out he was
there . She then called our house to let us know.  It turns out his picture was buried
on page 6 of the MADAAC website and we had missed it. Also, when they put our
phone number in the chip data base they did it incorrectly and so MADAAC was calling
the wrong number to get in touch with us.
   Thanks to you, our son got his buddy back. Any time you need somebody to do a
commercial talking about how TV 58 News is part of the community and gets results..
call and I'm there!!
Gary Nosacek

Original Story:

A family on North Hackett in Milwaukee is looking for a lab pit bull that went missing on Wednesday night. 

The dog's name is Ciroc. 

"We don't know if he some how let himself out, or if somebody with bad intent took him.  Our son has medical problems and CIROC has been a source of
comfort and encouragement for him," wrote the owner to CBS 58.

Anyone with information is asked to call 414-962-4997.


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