CBS 58 Tours Red Light Ramen

It used to be just Milwaukee night owls got to eat gourmet ramen

But now you don't have to stay up late.

Tonight is the big opening for Red Light Ramen.

They earned a cult following, and were packing people in to Ardent Restaurant on Milwaukee's East Side late on Friday and Saturday nights.

Red Light Ramen has their own dedicated space, right next door to ardent on Farwell Avenue.

CBS 58 took a quick tour of the restaurant on Thursday.

This isn't the ramen you get for thirty cents out of a packet.

It costs $13 they are going to get one of three broths that for us takes 24 to 30 hours to make.

Red Light Ramen will be open from 6 at night until 1:00 AM every Wednesday through Saturday.

Their menu is expanded to three ramen broths, plus a huge selection of gourmet snack food.

The old fashioned flavored slushies that were so popular are making the trip to the new space.

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