CBS 58 teams up with Salvation Army for the "Wisconsin Helps Texas" phone bank

NOW: CBS 58 teams up with Salvation Army for the “Wisconsin Helps Texas“ phone bank

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Usually, you see The Salvation Army's red kettles collecting during the holidays but they also help during natural disasters. Thursday morning tables will be filled with workers anxious to hear you on the other line giving whatever you can to help Harvey victims.

CBS 58 News talked to officials who explained what they'll be doing and why you should take the time to pick up the phone and call in.

"The Salvation Army's ministry really is two fold its to be able to provide material assistance to help them in their time of need. We also do it under the banner of God's love. We come into the community, we don't discriminate," said Maj. Steve Merritt with the Salvation Army.

Three Milwaukee chaplains have been asked to go to Houston.

They'll stay there for two to three weeks and The Salvation Army will keep rotating people from Milwaukee and across the country.

"Typically The Salvation Army in these responses offer shelter and feeding. We have over 200 mobile cantine units able to serve about 1,500 meals a day right now in the Houston area."

Our crews here at CBS 58 will be working the phones to get as many donations as possible.

You can call 414-777-5801 starting at 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

Your gift will help the salvation army, feed, cloth and deliver spiritual care to thousands of Texas victims who've lost everything.

"We thank tv 58 for the opportunity. Again 100% of the dollars given to the Salvation Army in Milwaukee will go towards those individuals that are most in need."

Michael Schlesinger and the rest of our morning crew will kick off the phone bank at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning

And it won't just be going on during our newscasts - you can call in anytime tomorrow until 5:30

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