CBS 58 Rolls Through Kansas

Thursday morning the CBS 58 Big Road Trip crew got a start on the Kansas side of Kansas City. It was actually the first day this trip that we left on time! Good job us!

From Kansas City it was off to Baker University. A small college whose most famous alum is Packers head coach Mike McCarthy! We had a blast talking with the coach of the football team and other members of the college dissecting McCarthy's time as a student. The bad news is that you won't get that full story tonight, it will be saved for a later time down the road on the CBS 58 Big Road Trip. The good news is that instead of Coach Mac, we are focusing on a different Packer - Jordy Nelson!

Next stop is a tour of Kansas State University and specifically the locker room Jordy donated to. We then have a special interview with a important member of the Nelson family! Tune in for more at 5 on CBS 58 News.

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