MILWAUKEE-More than one thousand viewers reacted to a Wednesday CBS 58 Facebook article.

In that article, the station announced that Wisconsin Lawmaker's had presented a bill aimed at allowing undocumented immigrants the privilege of gaining a state driver's license.

Wisconsin is not the first state to take a look at such a matter. In fact, at least a dozen states have enacted the bill into law.

But many Wisconsinite's are not happy. Some claim that by the mere fact that the immigrants came into the United States without proper visas, they should not be allowed a license.

Others however, see the move as a way to legalize driver's which are, and will continue to drive out of necessity.

Lawmakers who introduced the bill say it's a matter of safety.

If the bill turns into law, thousands of currently unlicensed driver's will have to pass a drivers test, and maintain auto insurance.

- Carlos Vergara

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