Carroll University Holds Event for Sexual Assault Victims

Days after a Racine man was arrested for inappropriately touching women at Carroll university the school is holding an event to fight back against sexual assault. 

More than one hundred Carroll students came out to the "Take Back the Night"  event, not only to show support for victims of sexual assault but also to show them--there are resources available. 

It's all especially timely, after what happened last Friday afternoon. In three separate incidents,  three women were reportedly grabbed from behind while walking near the university. The suspect has since been caught and the staff at Carroll says more the reason to open up conversation about sexual assault. Its the seventh year for the event and Carroll says they always have this conversation with students at the start of the year, because the majority of sexual assaults happen within the first six weeks of school.

"We view it as a positive that this event happened so close to those events that happened this week. We're able to raise this conversation, make it more prominent, keep it going in the student body and make sure we're sharing the message about resources available," said Jake Eisch, associate director of student activities at Carroll. 

"Carroll does a lot starting right when our students first come; we talk about not being a bystander and what students can do to prevent sexual assault and harassment from happening we make sure people are aware of that," said Theresa Barry, vice president of student affairs at Carroll. 

Here's a link to more information on where students at Carroll can get help.

Here's a link for those affected by sexual assault in our viewing area.

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