Cardinal Stritch University welcomes more than 100 incoming freshman on move-in day

NOW: Cardinal Stritch University welcomes more than 100 incoming freshman on move-in day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's a day that happens just once for incoming college students: freshman orientation. Cardinal Stritch University welcomed more than 100 new students to campus Thursday, Aug. 19.

Thursday also kicked off four days of orientation activities.

Lauryn Bryant is an incoming freshman, but she's already part of the Cardinal Stritch legacy.

"I'm actually kind of nervous, but at the same time I feel like I'm OK," Bryant said.

She told CBS 58 her mom attended the university and had Lauryn while she was a student.

Thursday, Lauryn's grandmother was helping her move.

"I'm excited to grow on my own at this point and to see who I am without my mom, or my parents, just there all the time," she explained.

Masks are strongly encouraged on campus.

The university said 91% of faculty and staff are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Unvaccinated students -- who are on campus -- must set up a testing protocol with the school's health center.

University President Dr. Dan Scholz says this will also be the first time since last year that classes will be at 100% capacity.

"Athletics are back up and running. We're able to eat in our cafeterias and in our dining halls," he said.

Desiree Bautisa chose to brave the cold and is coming all the way from Southern California.

"I'm actually on a softball scholarship," said Bautisa. "I brought a lot of warm clothes, definitely. I left all the tank tops at home."

Orientation volunteers had, perhaps, one of the most important jobs. Upperclassmen were there helping make the adjustment less stressful.

"Definitely, if I have one message to anyone out there, especially to the incoming freshman, is to just be yourself here on campus," said sophomore Jacob Carlson.

While more than 100 freshmen are moving in, Dr. Scholz said that number is a bit lower than usual. He attributes this to many colleges and universities having to rebound from COVID-19 and is confident future enrollment will rise.

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