Car Thieves Caught on Tape

CBS 58—A group of thieves picked the wrong target Tuesday morning and were caught on video stealing a car.

Dorian Principal, who lives on West Grant Street, has surveillance cameras surrounding his home. He noticed his Honda Civic was gone when he got up for work. Fortunately, he had another car and still got to his job, but he knows others aren't as lucky.

“I’m sure there are other people who don't have other cars or insurance and these young kids don't know the kind of devastation,” Principal said.

Principal says he has his cameras set up because he knows police need the community’s help when it comes to fighting crime, especially the growing number of car thefts.

“Definitely I thinks surveillance is a good thing,” Principal said. “But I think hen communities come together and work together to be more vigilant, help the cops with identifying these individuals.”

And though not everyone can afford surveillance system, Principal says you can help by being observant and reporting things that don't look right.

“I think that will be a major step right there,” Principal said. “Just don't be passive and let things happen.”

And Tuesday afternoon, Principal did find his car, about eight blocks away. It was left outside another home, also with surveillance cameras.

Milwaukee police tell CBS 58 they are investigating the incident.

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