Car bringing home 5-year-old after year-long stay at Children's Hospital catches fire

NOW: Car bringing home 5-year-old after year-long stay at Children’s Hospital catches fire

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 5-year-old and his family were on their way home from Children's Hospital when they were involved in an accident.

Jaxson Oliphant received nearly a year of treatment and was finally on his way home to Superior on Saturday, but along the way their car caught fire near Germantown.

A semi helped block traffic while the family unloaded several oxygen tanks and got out of the way.

Family members say they couldn't believe what was happening, “There was like one person that stopped while it was smoking, otherwise no other people would stop unless I'm told the truck was up in flames, then everyone wanted to stop,” said Tony Oliphant.

Jaxson spent almost a year in the hospital with a chronic kidney disease and issues with his lungs.

Someone who saw the crash started a GoFundMe account to help the family pay for bills and buy a new car.

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