Camping out for the fireworks

Days ahead of the big US Bank fireworks show, Milwaukee's lakefront is already filled with tents and campers, hoping to grab a good spot for the big show. 

There's caution tape everywhere you look at Veterans Park but no crime here, just people staking their claim to good seats. 

\"First come first serve. So you get better spots to see the fireworks and enjoy yourself,\" said Michael Johnson.

Everyone has a story. Michael Johnson and his dad started setting up their tents around 3:30 Thursday morning.

Randall Jaeger came from Illinois and brought his neighbors along for the party. 

\"We've come up here pretty much every year. But this is the first time we've camped up here. We just wanted to beat the crowd,\" said Jaeger. 

Though it might mean making a tent home for the night, these families say its worth it. It's all about the good times.

For some its tradition.

\"The camping part is a lot of fun, we've been doing it for 8 years,\" said Amber Miller. 

For others, a special occasion. 

\"My wife's and I anniversary. Three years we've been together,\" said Randall Jaeger. 

They say they're not worried about sleeping under the stars for a night.

\"Everybody watches out for everybody,\" said Michael Johnson, Sr. 

Because when celebrating the fourth in Milwaukee, everybody has one goal in mind. 

\"Relaxing, no phone calls or anything; just enjoying yourself enjoying the weather and enjoying Milwaukee,\" said Johnson. 

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