Campaign literature falsely claims voter ID still in effect

If you live in Wisconsin, you do not need photo identification to vote here on November 4th, but campaign literature being distributed in Brown Deer says otherwise.

Barbara Torres contacted CBS 58 on Tuesday, she says a flier from 4th District Congressional candidate Dan Sebring claims that Voter ID will be enforced this election. \"I know that's not true,\" Torres said.

Torres says she found the flier in her newspaper box. We found the same one in several other newspaper boxes on Torres's street. On the front it claims \"Voter ID will be enforced in the November election\" On the back, the flier claims \"Voter ID will be in effect this November.\" The US Supreme Court struck down Wisconsin's Voter ID law October 9th.

Torres is troubled that information that has been outdated for weeks is being distributed just days before the election. \"I'm quite certain that there will be some people that look at that (flier) and say 'I can't vote because I don't have the proper I-D,'\" Torres said.

Dan Sebring is a Republican running against Democratic incumbent Gwen Moore. He says at one time the fliers were current, and that they reached homes as outdated fliers is an honest mistake. \"We ordered those the day after the 7th District Court of Appeals upheld the Voter ID law, and we had them delivered in three days, and we immediately sent them out to volunteers,\" Sebring said, \"apparently one of them sat on (the fliers) until now.\"

Sebring said tracking down all of the outdated fliers would be a very difficult thing to do. \"Frankly, we thought they had all been delivered,\" Sebring said, \"we're not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.\"

Torres says she sent a copy of the flier to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. A spokesperson for the GAB says they received Torres' complaint, but would not comment further until a decision is made on taking action.

A spokesperson for the Gwen Moore campaign calls Sebring \"categorically irresponsible\" for allowing the fliers to reach homes.

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