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Cafe Corazon searching for man named Michael who lost wedding ring on Taco Tuesday

Workers at a Bay View restaurant are looking for the owner of a missing wedding ring.

Employees at Cafe Corazon took to social media to try and find the man who lost it.

"I was here and he came in twice to come find it so I know it's really important to him, obviously," said employee Brianne Timmel.

Weeks ago, a man lost his wedding ring on Taco Tuesday. He frantically searched the restaurant but couldn't find it. Workers say they're used to people coming back for hats or debit cards but never something this important.

"Which is why it was like 'oh god, I hope we can find it' and when we couldn't it was so awful."

Then last week, the ring turned up. It had rolled underneath the cash register.

"Just sort of that no man's land of wrappers, pens and apparently a wedding band."

"We had his name and his number written down two different times, but after about three weeks we thought, you know, it must have been somewhere else or someone found it and took it."

The only thing the workers remember is that the man's name is Michael. They're hoping he sees the story and comes to claim the irreplaceable item.

"Finding it was sort of exciting because it's an important thing."

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