Bystander shot by Milwaukee police officer speaks out

NOW: Bystander shot by Milwaukee police officer speaks out

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The man shot and wounded by a Milwaukee police officer who was pursuing someone else is speaking out for the first time. 

The shooting happened after a high-speed chase through a north side neighborhood. Tari Davis, the man shot by police, said he was shot after opening his back door. 

"I shouldn't have to worry about going to my back door, opening my back door, and being shot by a stray bullet by an officer who had no regard for no one in my home," said Tari Davis. 

The suspect in the chase that led to the shooting was charged Thursday. According to a criminal complaint, it all started when officers tried to stop 22-year-old Kevin Brown when they saw him blow through a flashing red light at 65-70 miles an hour. 

Brown did not stop, and officers chased him for a total of 19 minutes, according to the charging documents. 

Toward the end of the chase, as an officer was getting out of the squad, the complaint says Brown backed into the squad, causing damage to it. 

Brown eventually got out and ran. 

According to Milwaukee police, an officer chasing Brown believed Brown was reaching for a weapon when an officer shot at him once. The shot did not hit Brown, but hit Tari Davis. 

"I could have been anybody, I could have been somebody’s mother, I could have been somebody’s father, I could have been somebody’s sister or brother who just so happened to be taking out the garbage or walking their dog, and I’m tired of it in my community. It’s not policing, that can’t be what they policies are when they’re policing us," said Davis. 

Davis says he was shot in the stomach. 

"I have stitches from the top of my stomach down to my lower stomach. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to talk, it hurts to laugh, it hurts to cry," he said. 

Davis says he wants the officer to be fired.

"I want justice, that’s all I ask for, be fair with all communities," he said. 

Davis said he is also upset with how he says he was treated after surgery at the hospital. 

"You wake up surrounded by officers, while shackled to a bed, shot by officers. My phone was taken away from me, my phone was taken out of my hospital room, no contact in or out for approximately seven to eight hours," said Davis. "They called no one to tell them I was dead or alive."

He says his 14-year-old daughter was also detained after the shooting. Davis said he still doesn't have his phone back. 

In a press release Sunday, Milwaukee Police said they were investigating his involvement in the incident. 

Davis said he knows Brown, but would not comment when asked if he had been communicating with Brown prior to him running to his home.

Thursday, when asked if MPD had determined what, if any, involvement he had in the incident, an MPD spokesperson said, "This is an active and ongoing investigation. To promote transparency within the Milwaukee Police Department and to build stronger relationships with Milwaukee residents, additional information will be provided in the community briefing."

CBS 58 has reached out to the Milwaukee Police Department for comment about what Davis said during his press conference. 

The Milwaukee Police Department says Chief Morales will be releasing a community briefing on the shooting within 45 days. 

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