UPDATE: Video shows chase leading up to MPD officer-involved shooting that injured bystander

UPDATE: Video shows chase leading up to MPD officer-involved shooting that injured bystander

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Milwaukee Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday near 26th and Auer.

According to Milwaukee Police, officers noticed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed near 27th and Townsend. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver refused and led officers on a lengthy vehicle pursuit.

Police say that during the pursuit, the suspect placed his vehicle in reverse and hit one of the pursuing officers' squad car.

The suspect then continued to flee until he exited his vehicle and ran into a home near 26th and Auer.

“He was driving really fast, the police were right behind him," said Stasia Collins, neighbor. 

Cell phone video shows officers running after the suspect and in the video you can hear the sound of a gunshot.

"I just kind of heard sirens and then after that, it was a gunshot," said Teresa Linton, neighbor.

Police say that the pursuing officer chased the suspect towards the house at which time, the suspect's actions caused the officer to believe that he was reaching for a weapon.

The officer fired one shot at the suspect which struck a 41-year-old Milwaukee man who was in close proximity to the suspect, police say.

The family of the 41-year-old man says he was shot in the hip area. He's okay and is expected to get out of the hospital on Monday. 

At this time, police are investigating his involvement in this incident. 

The suspect who fled from police is a 22-year-old Milwaukee man who was taken into custody on scene. 

"I mean it was scary. I was like you know making sure everybody was safe in my home first and making sure you know nobody got hurt and nothing might have ricocheted off of my home," adds Linton. 

Neighbors say these high-speed police chases happen too often, and it's time community leaders help guide their northside neighborhood. 

"We need more community leaders you know, more people that can just get out and help the youth and help even the older adults that might need some guidance out here," Linton said. 

The officer who fired the shot is a 27-year-old male with one and a half years of service. He will be placed on administrative duty per Milwaukee Police Standard Operating Procedure.

The investigation remains ongoing. 

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