Burnes excited for new role

NOW: Burnes excited for new role

(CBS 58) -- With less than six weeks until opening day for the Milwaukee Brewers, the team's new spring training field in Arizona isn't the only thing the team is upgrading this year.

The Brewers are fitting in just fine in their newly renovated Cactus League home in the Phoenix area. The look and feel of the new American Family Fields of Phoenix is top notch.

The team is still looking to upgrade and that includes trying out Corbin Burnes as a starter to begin the season. Burnes was trusted in high leverage situations from day one of his big league career, and he’s ready to seize a starting spot this season. He’s had a taste of it and the bar has been set for spring training.

“You know last year, coming out of the bullpen was awesome. As far as this year goes it’s starter from the get-go. So, I put in a lot of work this offseason, a lot of work in camp so far. So, I’m excited to earn that spot in the rotation and try and help the team win any way I can," says Brewers Pitcher Corbin Burnes.

Brandon Woodruff is also being stretched out as a starter.


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