Bucks tout new parking garage 'dump time'

NOW: Bucks tout new parking garage ’dump time’

The new parking garage across Juneau Avenue from the new Bucks arena is designed to get you out fast.

Mortenson Construction and the Bucks say the arena project is about 45-percent done.

Besides the main entrance, the Bucks team campus and the roof, team president Peter Feigin was also excited about the new parking garage.

"The difference with this parking structure, which is significant is, the dump time, which we call it in parking," said Feigin. "is about 20-25 minutes compared to most parking structures and event parking structures in Milwaukee which could be 45 to 60 minutes."

He says it was designed with speed ramps and easy in-and-out access.

Feigin also described the aesthetic appeal of the garage compared to what a typical parking structure looks like, pointing out the glass facade.

"Every level of this, internally and externally is designed." Feigin said. "Probably what happens with a lot of parking structures is they're not actually finished. They're concrete monstrosities."

He says his team wanted to create a district where people want to be and that is aesthetically pleasing.  

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