Bucks Foundation Awards 'Schools That Can' With $100,000 Grant

NOW: Bucks Foundation Awards ’Schools That Can’ With $100,000 Grant

The Milwaukee Bucks Foundation awarded ‘Schools That Can’ with a $100,000 grant Tuesday Morning.

“Our foundation is dedicated to making a difference in education for our state’s youth. That’s you guys. And that’s a very big deal for us,” said Bucks President Peter Feigin.

Feigin, along with Bango and the Rim Rockers made an appearance at George Washington Carver Academy in Milwaukee for the award ceremony.

A total of 19 schools that will receive a portion of the gran.

‘Schools That Can’ is an organization that works to make schools better, primarily in high poverty areas.

The money will be used to help educators with on the job coaching, along with monthly professional development and leadership training programs.

It’s something the organization says they have been working with at Carver Academy for several years, and they say the school has transformed. The school now has increased attendance and better student achievements.

They are happy and thankful that this grant will continue their efforts.

“One of the things we’ve seen is that the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation has really, really decided to invest in the kids in our city. And we’ve also seen that they believe in great leadership. And that’s one of the things we’re most excited about with this grant. It’s that they’re investing through us, in some incredible leaders and our next generation of great leaders,” said Abby Andrietsch, executive director of ‘Schools That Can.’

The organization impacts about 17-thousand students throughout the area. The grant will be spread out over a two year period.

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