Bucks fans have cars broken into during game

NOW: Bucks fans have cars broken into during game

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some Milwaukee Bucks fans had their cars broken into after Thursday night’s game.

Nick Truog is one of the unlucky fans.

His car was parked on North 12th Street between McKinley and Vliet St while he watched the game from the Deer District.

When he returned to his car after the game, he found his front passenger window shattered.

The suspect(s) rifled through his glove box and stole a cell phone.

“I hope people know don’t break into people’s cars,” Truog said. “It’s not cool, it’s something silly and stupid, and you cause more harm than good.”

Milwaukee Police confirm two cars were broken into at this location, but Truog says he saw more cars with broken windows.

On Friday, several piles of broken glass remained on 12th Street.

No arrests have been made.

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