Bucks consulting with laboratory to test alcohol after reports of "spiked" drinks

NOW: Bucks consulting with laboratory to test alcohol after reports of “spiked“ drinks

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Bucks say an initial investigation into allegations of spiked drinks at the Fiserv Forum Plaza found no added substances to any drinks served there. 

A handful of people say they either got sick or blacked out after drinking Moscow Mules, a popular cocktail sold on the plaza. 

The claims were made on social media Friday. The team released a statement, saying it sent samples to Milwaukee Police for screening at a laboratory. The Bucks say all pre-batched cocktails have been removed from their menus and say additional employee training has been scheduled. 

See the full statement below: 

"To ensure a safe experience for every guest, we have been conducting a thorough investigation. Our initial investigation has not revealed any foreign substance added to the Moscow Mule beverage batch. Additionally, out of an abundance of caution, we are proactively engaging an independent accredited laboratory to ensure the accuracy of our initial investigatory findings and have sent a sample to the Milwaukee Police Department. Until the investigation is complete, we have removed all pre-batched cocktails from our menus and are conducting additional training to reinforce safe alcohol service for all employees."

Mayor Barrett says he's aware of the complaints and read the reports.

"I'm very pleased the Bucks are doing the investigation... I've read the reports, and I think anybody who has ever experienced anything like that know it can be a very scary situation and a very dangerous situation. I think they're taking the appropriate steps to see exactly if there's something going on that's foul play and I don't think anybody knows yet... the reports I've seen obviously there are several people that really felt there was really something going on," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

CBS 58 received one of the complaints sent to the Bucks:


I wanted to report an issue that I experienced in the Deer District on Monday evening. My girlfriend and I went to the watch party for the playoff game that night. While enjoying the game, we purchased two moscow mules from the Absolut tent located closest to the beer garden. One in the first quarter (6:15 pm or so) and one in the third quarter (7:15 or so). We had one single drink prior to this, roughly a half hour before the game started.

Beginning shortly after the start of the 4th quarter, both of our memories get incredibly blurred, to the point neither of us remembers much form the start of the 4th quarter until we got home. Lyft receipt says that we left 8:46 to return home, again neither of us have a recollection of this. Once home I ended up getting incredibly sick for the majority of the evening. Obviously this is concerning, since we both think there is a possibility that our drinks could've gotten spiked with something. We are not the type who have 2 drinks over the course of several hours and become non-functioning.

If it was just the two of us, I would be less concerned, but my girlfriend is a member of a Facebook group... where several other people (who don't know each other), reported the same thing. Not just that they were worried they had a drink drugged, but in all of our cases, we each ordered a moscow mule from the EXACT same Absolut tent, and had the EXACT same thing happen to us. 

So I personally have heard of 6 different people having the same reaction to the moscow mules being served from the Absolut tent in the beer garden. I hope that this can be taken care of. It's not acceptable.


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