Brookfield Police Looking for Stolen Blue Envoy and Two Suspects in Arm Robbery

Brookfield Police are looking for two suspects and a stolen blue Envoy that was involved in a strong arm robbery incident on Sunday.

According to a release by police, squads were dispatched to Burlington Coat Factory around 3:27 PM. 

Two suspects entered the parking lot driving a 2002 red GMC Envoy.

The Envoy was stolen from Milwaukee Sunday morning at 8:00 AM in the area of 43rd and Greenfield from a BP Station.  The owner went in to pay for the gas leaving the keys in the car and 2 male blacks took the SUV. 

One suspect drove the Envoy the other followed in a white Toyota Camry.  

The two suspects parked near the fire lane in front of Burlington Coat Factory. 

The first suspect described was a described as black male, late teens to early 20's with long dread locks, 5-feet 6-inches with a skinny build. He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt.

This suspect approached an senior citizen from behind as she was on the sidewalk approaching the store.  He grabbed her purse pushing her to the ground.

The victim was transported to EMH with a bump on her head, minor injuries.

The victim began screaming for help at which time a husband and wife pulled up behind in a grey sedan behind the red Envoy. 

The husband exited the car to attend to the elderly victim at which point the same suspect entered the grey sedan and attempted to take that car with the wife still in the passenger seat. 

The car was off and the husband had the key fob so the suspect exited the car and fled on foot heading towards Pick ‘n Save. 

The second suspect also started running leaving the red Envoy abandoned. 

In the area of Xperience Fitness the second suspect was described as a black male, late teens early 20's, dark skin wearing a white T-shirt and a black hooded sweatshirt. He approached another senior citizen who had just parked in a handicap spot in front of the business. 

The second suspect demanded the car keys which the owner provided and was pushed down to the ground.

No injuries were sustained.

The two suspects fled in a blue GMC Envoy 784-PPB it was last seen eastbound on Capitol Dr.  The husband in the grey sedan had followed the suspects and lost them in that area. 

According to police, the blue Envoy was entered as stolen and we are still looking for it.

In the original stolen car they arrived in, Brookfield Police found the elderly victims purse as well as several other empty wallets and property not listing to the owner.

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