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Brookfield neighbors help save elderly man in burning home

Down on the quiet block of Rolling Meadow Ct. you'll only hear the hum of lawnmowers, or smell the burning of leaves. But,Tuesday evening was different for Matt Billmyer

"I was walking outside and could smell a funny smell," he said.

That smell was coming from next door, what Billmyer saw next scared him

"I looked over and saw smoke billowing out of the garage. So I did what anyone would do, ran over."

Adrenaline pumping, and fearing for his 92-year-old neighbor, Billmyer quickly ran into the home. Neighbor Matt Bibis, who was cutting grass, followed close behind.

"Saw smoke from the garage, saw Matt kind of running back and forth,” Bibis said.

The elderly man collapsed in a doorway, Billmyer grabbed him carrying him outside

"He was just laying on the ground, and he was burnt pretty bad."

Bibis went back into the home, looking to put out the fire, but the smoke was too much.

"The electricity was out, a lot of stuff was in the way so I couldn't see where it was."

Both men are grateful they were around to save a neighbor in need.

"I'm just starting to reflect on it now, and I'm glad I could be there to get him,” Billmyer said.

"It's good to know your neighbors, good to trust your neighbors, and have neighbors looking out for each other," Bibis said.

The elderly man was taken to the hospital by firefighters, they arrived in minutes. He had non-life threatening injuries. Neighbors say the man was doing work in the garage, but don't know how that fire started.

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