Brewers fan waits in line 6 hours for playoff tickets

NOW: Brewers fan waits in line 6 hours for playoff tickets

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. for the Brewers' first playoff games at home on Friday, Oct. 8 and Saturday, Oct. 9.

Fans lined up outside of the ticket window at American Family Field before it opened, but one fan got there much earlier than the rest.

“Years ago there'd be hundreds of people lined up overnight,” said Mark Piotrowski. “I came and just thought I'd get in line, and I'm first in line.”

Piotrowski, a lifelong Brewers fan from Milwaukee, got to the ballpark at 4 a.m. He put his chair out and waited in excitement for the tickets to go on sale. Around 5 a.m. another fan joined him, and by the time the window opened, there was a line of fans waiting. 

"I like tickets in my hand," said Piotrowski. A lot of people may choose to buy their tickets online these days, but Piotrowski prefers the old fashioned paper tickets.

And they'll make good souvenirs when the team makes it to the World Series. 

"They're going to win in three," he said. "I don't care who they're playing."

Piotrowski will be sitting in the bleachers for Friday's game. The perfect spot to catch a homerun ball. 

Waiting for tickets isn't about getting the best seat for Piotrowski, it's a tradition that all baseball lovers can appreciate. 

The Brewers organization wasn't surprised to see the long line of fans waiting.

"They've been here for generations. So, when we are able to return the favor and bring post season baseball to the city, not surprised we have the level of excitement and anticipation from our fan base," President of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger said.

Similar to what we saw with the Bucks, the Brewers are ready to bring some attention and money to the city.

"When the teams are on the world stage in post season, the focus is on Milwaukee, and you've got a lot of people looking at the city, looking at the team," Schlesinger said.

The Brewers are expecting tickets to go fast.

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