Brewers called for batting out of order against Nationals

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Milwaukee Brewers were charged with batting out of order in the first inning of Monday's game against the Washington Nationals.
   With two outs, Ryan Braun singled off Max Scherzer, and Nationals manager Dusty Baker immediately came out to talk to plate umpire Cory Blaser.
   The umpires conferred briefly, and the third out was called. Jonathan Lucroy was charged with the at-bat and an out, and Braun led off the second inning.
   On the lineup distributed in the press box, Braun was indeed listed third -- his regular position in the batting order -- and Lucroy was fourth. But apparently that was not the case on the card handed to the umpires before the game.
   Braun grounded out leading off the second inning.

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