Brace For Brutal Heat Ahead

NOW: Brace For Brutal Heat Ahead

It's something we all wait for in Wisconsin, warmer temps! But sometimes it feels like feast or famine with lingering cold giving way to temps that are perhaps hotter than we'd like. On that note, let's talk about July heat! After lingering cooler by the lake days in June, things turned around in a hurry in July.

 As you can see we've already had five days with highs in the 90s for Milwaukee. While four is the average amount we see in July, nine is average for the season, and since we had a laggy start, I think we're still right where we should be. However, there's more heat on the way and this time it could be dangerous.
 Right now there's an Excessive Heat Watch just inching into southwest Wisconsin. Per the National Weather Service, an Excessive Heat Watch means that a prolonged period of hot temperatures and high humidity is possible.  This combination could create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are likely. Temperatures are expected to be well into the 90s and with high humidity, the heat index value could be in the range off 100° to 110°. Not that this type of heat isn't typical right around this time of year. We've just passed the hottest all time temperature recorded in Wisconsin. Check it out:
 That milestone moment was recorded at the Dells. And while we may not get that hot, highs are expected to be around 95° here in southeast Wisconsin Thursday and Friday. Additionally, the dew points are off the charts by the week's end. Here's what you can expect:
 As we take into account the hot temperatures plus the high humidity, we're bracing for heat index values in the triple-digits Thursday and especially Friday: This is a possible set up for late week:
 Please use common sense with this weather in the coming days. The local National Weather Service office has already suggested heat alerts could be posted here in the next day or so. Here's some simple tips to help keep you, loved ones and pets safe for the rest of the week:
 Finding places with a/c is highly suggested, and for those who don't have it, especially your elderly neighbors, be sure to check on them. Lastly, car temperatures can skyrocket so please never leave children or pets in cars during hot spells.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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