Both Slenderman stabbing suspects found competent to stand trial

 A Waukesha County judge ruled both Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser are competent to stand trial. Both girls are facing attempted murder charges after stabbing a schoolmate 19 times in an attempt to kill her. The girls claim they were attempting to commit the homicide to please the fictional character Slenderman.

The court heard from three medical professionals who examined Anissa Weier. The first, Dr. Robert Rawski, was hired by the state to examine Weier's competency to stand trial. He told the court Weier is competent to stand trial. He said after interviewing Weier it was clear she's an extremely intelligent girl who is smarter than most of the adults he consults with.

The other two doctors who examined Weier were hired by her defense attorney. Dr. Anthony Jurek also said Weier is intelligent and eager to please, but has a lot to learn about the criminal justice system. He believes her lack of awareness is holding her back from fully grasping how much trouble she is in. Dr. JurcUricd the court Weiner is not competent to stand trial. The second doctor hired by the defense also testified Weier is not competent to stand trial.

During Morgan Geyser's afternoon hearing her defense team did not dispute her competency to stand trial, but requested she stay housed at the Winnebago Mental Health Center.

\"I believe she is competent and capable based on the interview she provided to me\", said Robert Rawski.

\"She is not competent to proceed at this time\", said Anthony Jurek.


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