Bobblehead HOF and Museum Plays It Forward donating $225,000+

NOW: Bobblehead HOF and Museum Plays It Forward donating $225,000+

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- If you look around your office or home, chances are you’ll find a few bobbleheads. Giveaway days have become the most popular games for teams like the Brewers and Bucks as sold out crowds come early to make sure they get one. 

“Bobbleheads are typically of heroes, people who have done great things or are sports stars," says Phil Sklar, co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. "This period we’ve been in, the heroes have been everyday heroes.

So the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum came up with a way to honor the essential heroes, making 35 custom bobbleheads from doctors to bus drivers, teachers to firefighters. 

“Some of the other people who don’t get a bobblehead day during a Brewers game or a Bucks game, now they have a bobblehead to honor them.”

They’re donating $5 from each sale of the essential heroes to the Protect the Heroes Campaign, helping provide front-line workers with personal protective equipment. 

“We thought that was a great cause, it was one of the most critical needs. It is going directly to hospitals across the country, both locally and nationally to help support them.”

They’ve been sending the Protect the Heroes Campaign a check every week for two months now, ever since they unveiled their best-selling Dr. Anthony Fauci bobblehead. With thousands of orders, the money adds up. The National Bobblehead HOF and Museum has donated more than 225 thousand dollars. 

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