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Bill allowing Milwaukee to utilize red light, speed enforcement cameras takes step forward

NOW: Bill allowing Milwaukee to utilize red light, speed enforcement cameras takes step forward

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A bill that would allow Milwaukee to use red light and speed enforcement cameras at certain intersections took another step forward on Tuesday, Oct. 29. 

The bill was up for a committee vote and passed. 

The proposal would allow only Milwaukee to have a pilot program to monitor red lights and speed at a certain amount of intersections it could expand beyond the pilot program if found successful. 

Representative David Crowley of Milwaukee, is the author of the bill and says while recent fatal incidents involving reckless driving are tragic, he hopes they can help build momentum to prevent them from happening again in the future. 

"Unfortunately, you never want to use these instances as a driving force, but I would hope so. I hope my colleagues see what's recently been happening, take what recently happened with the six-year-old young girl that recently died and use this as a way to actually push this bill forward. This is something that we have to fix -- and urgently," said Rep. David Crowley (D-Milwaukee). 

Representative Crowley is hopeful the bill has the momentum needed to get through this session. 

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Justin 85 days ago
Oh great. Awesome thinking once again by Marxist Trump hating Liberals like representatives David Crowley and LaTonya Johnson attempting to extract what little wealth Wisconsinites have through unconstitutional photo enforcement like that criminal police state IL has been scamming billions with that wretched company redflex getting a percentage of the profit.

Start writing youre reps at the state level people! We dont want these. Photo enfocement is a straight forward scam. All the metropolitan areas that are going broke use em to pad their politicians pockets. Good example? Look at Chicago, almost 20 years of these extortion rackets all over and NOTHING has changed. NOTHING!!! Minneapolis/St. Paul have better numbers without them.
We dont need these in Milwaukee and certainly not anywhere in Wisconsin.
Justin 85 days ago
Oh great. Lets turn Milwaukee into a smaller version of that wretched piss pot of a broke down town 90 miles south of us. Yes lets confiscate what little wealth the common people of Wisconsin have by illegally snapping their private property and then letting automated machines that have been proven to make mistakes illegally serve traffic citations which dont even go to a court of law. BULLSHIT people! Photo enforcement is a straight forward scam. Write youre state reps and do it fast. Demand they oppose this monstrosity before it gets taken to the floor or be tossed out on their hind quarters come reelection time. Do some research if ya like but get this. Broke cities and states like chicago and new york, as well as the whole states of Florida and California have been giving kickbacks to the private company Redflex who operate maintain and install these unconstitutional pieces of draconian piles of junk in return for a percentage of the machines profit. Redflex and the cameras ARE NOT officers of the law and have NO business issuing citations to citizens.
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