Biden makes stop in Milwaukee on Labor Day, expected to discuss the ongoing labor movement

NOW: Biden makes stop in Milwaukee on Labor Day, expected to discuss the ongoing labor movement

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- President Joe Biden will be in Milwaukee on Monday, Sept. 5 to celebrate Labor Day. According to the White House, he'll visit Laborfest on Milwaukee's lakefront to celebrate the dignity of American workers. 

He's expected to speak to laborers at Laborfest discussing the current and ongoing labor movement. According to the Labor Council, that means standing up for people in communities and at the ballot box, in addition to the workplace. 

Laborfest takes place at the Summerfest grounds from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 5. 

Traditionally, Labor Day honors the positive changes that have been made in workplaces over the years, and the sacrifices of union workers to get there.

President Biden's visit to Milwaukee comes as the campaign trail for the midterm heats up. In just a couple months, voters will choose a governor for Wisconsin and some key races will determine whether Democrats or Republicans take control of the House and Senate.

"The President is a force, whether it's a Democrat or Republican, and we like to have presidents visit our state," said Gov. Tony Evers. "Obviously President Biden's coming for Labor Day to talk about the importance of labor, union labor in particular." 

Governor Evers is expected to introduce Biden. 

Mordecai Lee, a political science professor at UW Milwaukee, says Labor Day is a fairly common holiday for presidential visits here in Milwaukee. And he says it's a smart political move for Biden. 

"It's happened before, certainly President Trump came to Wisconsin plenty of visits, George W. Bush came, Obama came for one of the Labor Day events, so for them to visit Wisconsin is a rational thing to do," said Lee. 

Tim Michels tweeted a response to the President's visit to Wisconsin. 

He wrote, "What have Tony Evers and Joe Biden done for Wisconsin?"

He pointed out things like "sky-high inflation, historic violent crime and a crippled education system." 

He went on to say, "It’s no wonder that Biden is campaigning for Evers in Wisconsin. Their failed leadership style is one in the same."

Michels was at the Walworth County Fair Sunday. Biden is expected to land in Wisconsin shortly before 11 a.m. Monday. After his visit he is headed to Pittsburgh. 

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