BBB Warns After New Berlin Firefighter Scam

Someone is posing as a New Berlin firefighter in a new scam.

The New Berlin Fire Department said in a release:

"Please be aware the New Berlin Fire Department has been receiving calls from
residents stating that they have received a call from an individual claiming to be a New
Berlin Fire Fighter asking for a donation in the amount of $50, $100, or $150. Please be
aware this is a scam. New Berlin Fire Department will never solicit donations over the

"It is a good idea to never agree to give donations over the phone. Instead, find out the
caller’s name and the name of the organization he or she represents. Ask to have
information about the organization mailed to you or call the organization directly to see if they are soliciting donations and if the call was legitimate."

The Better Business Bureau, BBB, says they have seen this scam before.

"All of these we call imposter scams somebody calls up and says they're from an agency or organization if it's the IRS or it's Microsoft or it's the fire department. One key component people need to know is you can't trust your caller id. Criminals can use devices that can spoof any name or phone number. So you may look at your caller id and it may say West Allis Fire Department or Internal Revenue Service. You cannot trust that," said Jim Temmer, BBB Wisconsin President and CEO.

The BBB says don't give anyone money over the phone immediately after they ask. Ask for the agency's name, phone number, street address, and web address. Call the company and confirm they are legitimate.

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