Badgers Take on Pitt in St. Louis

CBS 58's Earl Arms is in St. Louis as the Badger players gear up for the big game.

Badgers junior forward Nigel Hayes joked about being disappointed about going to St. Louis.

He said his reasoning was that they're not out west, like when they played in L.A. and Anaheim.

The Badgers tip off at 5-50 central time against Pitt in St. Louis.

Wisconsin's seven seed a far cry from the one seed of a year ago, but they won 11 of 12 at one point.

And they're ready to start another streak.

Not much time for the Badgers to enjoy all those sights and sounds.

Just last year Vitto Brown was a reserve. Mainly a post player--meaning his time on the perimeter was limited, especially shooting.

Before this season, Brown never attempted a three. This season, not only has he attempted threes but he's been pretty good!

He is second on the team in three point percentage.

He was also the only offense for the Badgers in the first half of their loss to Nebraska in the big ten tournament.

He talked about his role change going into this season and how it'll help for a potential run.

“I've always been working on it. Last year it wasn't in my role to shoot that. Now that we need to be firing on all cylinders, we need guys who can attack inside and out. I felt it was right to pull it out,” said Brown.

The Badgers have been one and done in the tournament just three times since 2000. They've consistently had success in these opening rounds and they'll hope for the same in the next few minutes.

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