Badger Gun owners take the stand in MPD civil suit

The gun store owner in the Badger Guns lawsuit is on the stand.

The civil suit was filed by two Milwaukee Police Officers, shot point blank, after they say Badger Guns sold a gun in a straw purchase, or an illegal sale.

Officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch say Badger Guns sold a gun to a man who was obviously buying if for another man not legally allowed to buy the gun.

The prosecution says it's the stores legal obligation to train employees to look for illegal purchases, or straw purchases.

Today the Owner Adam Allan, was questioned on whether he had trained his salesman, into federal guidelines with a handbook, here was his answer, "There is a little in here about sales but most of it is about arms export control act, machine guns, explosives, not the whole book is necessary for a salesman."

The case is now out of court, and will resume on Monday morning.  

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