Badger Fans Relieved After Close Game

Badger fans gathered at Major Goolsby’s to watch UW’s opening game of the NCAA tournament.

“We just kept rooting for the Badgers,” said Mary Kisch, one of the fans at Major Goolsby’s. “Two points, two points, they can do it.”

The Badger victory came only after a tense final couple of minutes.

“Very frustrating,” said fan Mike Schwanz. “They did not play well for most of the game.”

Life-long Badger fan Luke Kipfer agreed.

“It wasn’t good,” Kipfer said. “Bad on defense mostly, but I’m happy they came together at the end.”

Watching the team come together in the final minutes made fans more optimistic about the team’s future in the tournament.

“I think it’s really encouraging they won a tough game today,” Schwanz said.

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