Authorities work together to target violent crime in Milwaukee

NOW: Authorities work together to target violent crime in Milwaukee

Authorities have arrested several people in connection with a shooting that hurt two children.

Police Chief Ed Flynn says officers also seized several guns and drugs in the crackdown as part of a team effort. It's an initiative that's been going on for almost 2 years now. Milwaukee Police, The ATF, and FBI are teamed up in what's called The Public Safety Partnership.

They focus on criminal networks and high rate offenders.

"Today's focus was on high rate offenders engaged in criminal activity on the Center Street Corridor," Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Chief Flynn held a press conference discussing the 16 people that were arrested in one sweep.

"We're focused on this area because even though it only represents, it has an impact on the amount of violent crime afflicting the north side of Milwaukee."

Also at the same time, on 19th and Center, a block party for Jayson Earl, a father shot and killed outside of a club two years ago today. He left 8 kids behind.

"He was just a happy person. Just loved being with his family," the victim's daughter Tyesha said.

"His presence not being here is what affects our family. We have a lot of gun violence that needs to stop," said the victim's girlfriend Mechelle. 

When told about MPD's recent progress in seizing guns, solving a string of pharmacy burglaries, and making arrests in connection to a shooting that injured two kids earlier this month; Mechelle said it's not enough and that more needs to be done.

"We are certainly trying to do all that we can so that no family has to go through what that family is going through now," said Joel Lee.

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