Australian Football, Ironman, Slide The City

Franksville will host the regional tournament for the U.S. Australian Football League. It's Saturday, July 11th at SCORe Complex. It's free for the public to watch. 

Doren James, USAFL Operations & Events Manager, explains the game, the rules, and the history of the sport.

Then on Sunday, July 19th, thousands of athletes will pack Racine's North Beach for the Ironman triathlon. The athletes will compete in a 1.2-mile swim in Lake Michigan, a 56-mile bike ride through the countryside of Racine County and a 13.1 mile run.

About 2,500 athletes are expected to participate and Liz Bower is one of them. We introduce you to the woman who's making the move from Ironman volunteer to participant. 

One summer event that's on the schedule in Racine County may not happen. Slide The City is supposed to come to Racine on Saturday, August 8th, but your opportunity may slip away if more people don't register.

Fewer people than expected have signed up at this point. Kari Dawson, Events Director for REAL Racine, explains the steps the city had to take to bring this massive slip and slide to town and what the ride will entail if enough people sign up.

UPDATE: Slide The City was cancelled soon after this episode aired. Organizers cited fewer people than expected registering for the event.

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