Audit into UNISON finds no evidence of embezzlement

NOW: Audit into UNISON finds no evidence of embezzlement

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee non-profit says they have found no evidence of embezzlement. 

The former CEO of the non-profit group UNISON Laurie Lambach was suspended over an investigation into possible embezzlement of funds. UNISON Board of Directors accepted Lambach's resignation at the end of December and promoted Cathy Young the VP of Program Services to Executive Director.

On Wednesday, UNISON said after an investigation, "no funds have left the organization."

Earlier in January, Lambach's lawyer expressed confidence that she would be cleared of any criminal liability. 

“We were assured that the bookkeeping discrepancies brought to light by the audit do occur in nonprofits who balance grants from multiple sources, and we are working to remedy them in an appropriate manner,” said Cathy Young, UNISON's new Executive Director. “It’s unfortunate that hasty actions and ill-informed statements have improperly and without any basis in fact impugned the integrity of UNISON.”

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