Attorney who spit on teen at George Floyd protest charged with hate crime

NOW: Attorney who spit on teen at George Floyd protest charged with hate crime

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 64-year-old woman accused of spitting on a teen during a Black Lives Matter protest in Shorewood, has been officially charged. 

Stephanie Rapkin -- a Mequon-based tax and estate attorney -- was charged with a hate crime of disorderly conduct.

However, 17-year-old Eric Lucas and his family don't feel that's good enough. “It’s extremely disappointing. You would think the charges would be more harsh,” he said.

Lucas' attorney, Matthew Pinix, said the charges aren't fair. “The only thing the DA’s office can charge 'em with is disorderly conduct, which is a crime you can get for just shouting in a public place. That seems unequitable.” 

According to a criminal complaint, protesters demanded Rapkin move her car as the rally walked through Shorewood on June 6. Lucas stated he began chanting "I'm black and I'm proud" as he and his friends approached Rapkin. That's when, officials say, Rapkin turned and spit at him and her saliva struck Lucas in his face/mouth area and on the top of his shirt. 

Cellphone video captured the incident that happened on North Oakland Ave. It shows no one touched or threatened Rapkin in any way before she spit on Lucas. 

Rapkin is also charged with battery to a law enforcement officer. On June 7, police were called to her home for a report of an altercation. Officers ended up going to her home to arrest Rapkin and she resisted officers -- kneeing one officer in the groin. 

Authorities interviewed Rapkin about the rally incident. Rapkin stated she was a cancer survivor and felt threatened because she was surrounded and they did not have masks on. 

Officials note the cellphone video captured shows Rapkin also was not wearing a mask at the time of the incident. Rapkin stated, "they got too close so she spit on [Lucas]."

Lucas, a senior at Shorewood High School, said the incident has taken a toll on him. “I had a horrible mental breakdown, just feeling like I was at a loss. Like I can’t win.”

CBS 58 reached out to Rapkin. She declined to comment at the advice of her counsel.

If found guilty on all charges, she could face more than 7 years in jail.

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