AsianRican foods offers new fusion blend on Milwaukee's south side

NOW: AsianRican foods offers new fusion blend on Milwaukee’s south side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new restaurant on the city's south side is not only bringing all sort of people together but all sorts of flavors, too. AsianRican Foods, located on 3300 W. Lincoln Ave., marries two cultures together serving sweet and savory dishes.

"I am Laotian. My husband is Puerto Rican ... It's more about bringing unity, more love," said Julie Valcarcel, head chef and owner of the restaurant.

All of the dishes crafted and hand made by Valcarcel, who didn't learn her cooking skills in culinary school but through her family.

"Growing up I was always cooking for the family and me being the youngest, I didn't really have my mom around since by dad raised us," said Valcarel. "I kind of watched and learned as I got older."

She said she hopes her customers feel like they are at their family's home when they walk through her doors. For her, it's all about bringing people together.

"Love and unity that’s what we want to bring."

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