Ashanti Hendricks Makes First Court Appearance

In a wheelchair, and with his hand in a cast, Ashanti Hendricks was escorted into a courtroom Tuesday morning.  A very different venue then where he was just days ago.

\"He was a happy parent, He was proud. He told me, 'I'm about to have a baby.'\"

Holding a baby in the neonatal unit of Children's Hospital is where police found him Thursday morning right before shots were fired.

The criminal complaint states, \"Milwaukee Police Department received information from a caller who reported that the defendant was at Children's Hospital, giving the particular room he was in, and that he had a warrant for his arrest.\"

Police were there to arrest him on an outstanding bench warrant.

\"There was some time before officers arrived on scene before for officers to arrive on scene to share some information do some planning,\" said Sheriff David Clarke. 

Officers found him alone holding a baby. Police told him to put the baby down, Hendricks asked police to take the baby, but they refused. Hendricks finally set the baby down and tried to escape.

After a struggle on the ground with police, he escaped again.

Court records say he later ran at police with a loaded gun in his hand, that's when he was shot him in the arm.

After being shot, he tried to escape again, but another officer arrived and pointed a shotgun at Hendricks and he eventually complied and was taken into custody.

\"The nature of the call that originally came over was an active shooter, what really was happening was officers needed because backup shots had been fired. Those are two different calls requiring two different types of responses,\" said Clarke. 

He has called for an investigation into how the incident was handled by law enforcement. He said he will make the report public.

The Milwaukee Police Department is also investigating the incident.

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