Arrowhead students investigated for child pornography

Does the punishment fit the crime? That's the debate after three Arrowhead High School students are accused of sharing an inappropriate picture on their school issued computers. 

According to Waukesha County warrants, an Arrowhead High School staffer found sexual images on school issued laptops. 

An investigation began, and a 'man masturbating,' and 'nude, sexually explicit images' of a man's genitals were found. Three students are now part of a child pornography investigation because one student was 18, and the images were shared with underage teens. Still the warrant says it was consensual.

We wanted to know what you thought was appropriate-- school discipline, or criminal charges?

Resident, John Thompson says the oldest teen should face a harsher penalty, but believes the 15 and 16 year old shouldn't face charges.

John Thompson says, \"Especially if it's between people who know each other, it's stupid, it's dumb, but that's a little tough for the rest of their lives, it's going to hang on them.\"

The youngest of our interviews says, that's what teens do. Conall Chambers says, \"The fact that they got caught doing that is pretty embarrassing, and if the school takes care of it, I don't see why we should waste time charging teenage guy being stupid.\"

While Dorian Seifert was undecided, she says, the law is the law, black and white.

Dorian Seifert says, \"If it's an 18 year old sending it to a minor, then any adult would get charged with child pornography.\"

No charges have been filed, and the school and police were unavailable for comment.

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