"It had all my son's stuff in it:" Army veteran's car stolen from right outside his home

NOW: “It had all my son’s stuff in it:“ Army veteran’s car stolen from right outside his home

He's trained to fight on the front lines of war, but ended up meeting evil right here at home. Jacob Kordus, a former U.S. Army soldier is wondering who stole his car. Kordus said he thinks it happened Wednesday morning within a four-hour time frame. Not only was he surprised to see his car gone, he said it's a big inconvenience.

"Not only does it hinder me from going to work, but it stops me from seeing my son at home, too," Kordus said.

Kordus said he parked his car right outside the back door of his home on West Iona Terrace by 41st and Ramsey on Milwaukee's south side. He thinks the theft took place between 3:30 and 7:30 in the morning.

"It had all of my son's stuff in it, I lost my car seat, stroller, all of my personal items that were in my car," he said.

Jacob and his family heard that a neighbor had seen the car along Loomis Road coming off 894, but the neighbor lost sight of it.

"Anybody who might've seen something or see my car driving around, it would really help," Kordus said. "The license plate is distinctive because it does say Tennessee on it, so, there was that, but other that that, I don't really know what other distinctive feature my car might have."

Milwaukee police detectives were told about this, but say officers don't have any suspects right now.

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