Anti-abortion group sets up exhibit at UW-Milwaukee

NOW: Anti-abortion group sets up exhibit at UW-Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An anti-abortion display is making its way around college campuses in Milwaukee this week.

Abortion images, some of them graphic, appeared on sidewalk signs at UW-Milwaukee on Tuesday morning.

A national anti-abortion group called Created Equal is taking the images and their message to college students.

A spokesperson for the group says they're trying to keep things respectful.

"Talking to people who oppose what we're doing, we make sure to be kind with them and civil conversation and we want to find the answer, using logic and reasoning and evidence we have to the question is abortion immoral or not," said Evangeline Dunn with Created Equal.

"It's mainly about having the right to choose what you do with your body and the outcome of it afterwards. And I think women should definitely have the right to say what they do with their bodies," said Gwen Eckhardt, a UWM student.

The Created Equal display will be at MATC on Wednesday and Marquette University on Friday. 

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