Another storm system for next week

Our last winter storm has come and gone.  Our entire area picked up a new shiny coat of beautiful snow.  This snow was important because it helped to cut the snow deficit in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee picked up 8" out of this past event.  Milwaukee averages around 14" for the entire month of January.  For the year we still remain 8.2" below normal, but all it takes is another one or two additional storms, and we will quickly catch up.  All eyes will be on our next system for next week.

By the end of the weekend a storm system across the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma will track northeast.  The exact track remains in question; however, it appears the surface low will ride across southern Wisconsin on Monday.  Rain will develop ahead of the system on Sunday, and then really overspread the area on Monday.

A sharp cold front will change the rain to a mix Monday night into Tuesday.  As the cold air wraps in from the northwest expect the precipitation to turn to all snow on Tuesday.  While it remains far out, accumulation will be possible for Tuesday.

We will monitor this system closely for you and keep you updated here.

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