Americans with Disabilities Act turns 32

NOW: Americans with Disabilities Act turns 32

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- July 26 marks the 32nd anniversary of the signing into law the Americans with Disabilities Act by the late former President George H. W. Bush.

Tuesday at the Washington Park Senior Center, people gathered to learn more about all the different services that might be available to them.

"Everyone deserves to live, work and play in our neighborhoods," said Milwaukee County DHHS Disability and Aging Administrator Marietta Luster, "And they can do that, knowing that they have a peace of mind with the ADA."

Luster was joined by organization director Shakita LaGrant-McClain, who delivered County Executive David Crowley's proclamation that July 16 is now ADA Awareness Day in Milwaukee County.

"You see everyone coming together to make sure that we are here to advocate, to bring awareness to make sure we are protecting them and making sure they have a say," said LaGrant-McClain.

Luster says Tuesday's event at the Washington Park Senior Center helps people know what kind of assistance the ADA provides -- everything from voting, employment, housing, and equal access to facilities for wheelchair users, people who are blind, hard of hearing, or deaf.

"Just a lot of nitty gritty things that people don't think about when they go about their daily lives, which I have to think about when I'm walking down the sidewalk," said Martha Chambers, who became a quadriplegic from a horse riding accident 27 years ago.

She says her injury makes it hard to do many things, but through the Americans with Disabilities Act she can get help from assistants, paying for help getting around, and public places are required to accommodate her.

"All the things that make my life a little easier," said Chambers.

Chambers is also involved in voting rights for people with disabilities. You can read more about what happened to her during a previous election here.

If you want to learn more about services, you can visit the Department of Health and Human Services website by clicking here

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