Alderman reacts to Bradley Tech fight caught on camera

MILWAUKEE -- You can hear screaming, yelling and see punches thrown, all caught on cell phone camera during the raucous scene in the Bradley Tech High School lunchroom Wednesday.

Alderman Jose Perez's 12th District includes the high school. \"We are asking questions and we're waiting on responses,\" Perez said.  He says the video frightens him and he understands parents' fears.

\"I am concerned about the fight, but I do know things happen at a high school and I want them being dealt with accordingly,\" Perez said.

Milwaukee Public Schools won't tell CBS-58 what kind of punishment any of the students face, but explained it did take \"serious and appropriate disciplinary action.\"

\"We don't like to see that, I don't like to see that, I don't think parents like to,\" Perez said.  \"I think other students, it  bothers them at school.  But we're not going to sit on our hands.\"

Perez says he's contacted the school's principal and school board member Dr. Tatiana Joseph to get the facts  straight.  He worries incidents like this take away from all the good things Bradley Tech students do.

\"Is this only happening at Bradley Tech or is Bradley Tech the only one getting media attention because someone videotaped it and put it online,\" Perez asked rhetorically.

Friday MPS told CBS-58 it works to enforce positive behavior, adding \"We work  collaboratively with students, families the school community and (the Milwaukee Police Department) to address them, but our focus is on  prevention.\"  However, Milwaukee Police were not called to this fight.  No injuries were reported.

\"It's scary at any school, it's scary when it happens in our community and we want to see young people dealing with  the violence in a much different way,\" Perez said.

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