AG Kaul releases latest report on state crime lab efficiency

NOW: AG Kaul releases latest report on state crime lab efficiency

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Attorney General Josh Kaul released the state Department of Justice Division of Crime Lab's 2019 annual report at a virtual news conference Wednesday, May 20. 

AG Kaul gave an update on the progress the crime labs have made based on recommendations made back in 2018 by experts in the field. 

The goal was the improve productivity and efficiency at the three state crime labs to address the backlog of evidence being tested and increasing turnaround times. 

The turnaround times for the testing of controlled substances, toxicology and trace evidence was quicker than last year. 

However, the turnaround for DNA testing, ballistics, computer forensics and crime scene response was slower than both 2017 and 2018, but Kaul says there is a reason for that. 

"One of the things we are doing with the changes that are being implemented in response to the needs assessment is preparing the crime labs to in the years ahead here and that’s a process that takes time," Kaul said. "We won’t start seeing the impact from a lot of that until the 2020 numbers come out and frankly you’ll see a bigger impact from those folks. 

Read the full report below: 

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