After School Program Teaching Local Teens Therapy Through Art

Local teens are hoping to spread a message through art after the weekend’s unrest.

Teenagers with Milwaukee's Non-profit After School Program True Skool were asked how they could respond to the incidents that unfolded this weekend.

Several responded with art.

Students with the program said they are trying to shed light on the bigger issue of frustration and segregation.

The teens have compiled projects though art, poetry and even dance.

They hope their form of art can inspire others to get involved and look for ways to give back.

“Educate yourself. Become involved with your community. Become involved with programs, like example True Skool, urban underground, nonprofit organizations that just focus on bettering the youth and themselves,” said one teenager.

When it comes to applying their message within the community, the teens will soon be placing food pantry's and little libraries in surrounding areas.

The assignment was part of a 6 week project that focused on the different ways teens could respond to their communities, various social issues, and overall being a better citizen.   

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