Admirals react to canceled season

NOW: Admirals react to canceled season

The Admirals 50th season was on track to be something special from the beginning. Milwaukee went on a franchise record 13-game winning streak early and never looked back sprinting to first place in the AHL and a regular season championship.

Head coach Karl Taylor says,  “We’re really proud of what we did. You can say it’s an asterisk or say whatever you want, we don’t control any of those things.”

Unfortunately with the final 13 games and playoffs canceled, a regular season title is the only one they can earn. There is no Calder Cup.

Taylor: “It’s emotional for everyone. We’re supposed to be adults and be able to handle it better, but I’m not quite sure. When the finality comes to the scenario it stings. The players that have been around longer, they understand that you do not get this opportunity every season.”

Admirals owner Harris Turer adds, “Our team had something special and we’ll never know now, but I still am very thankful for the amazing season we had.”

The Ads were extremely well rounded finishing first in the league in goals allowed and first in the conference in goals scored. They earned that regular season championship and they do plan to celebrate it in the future, but there’s still one big question going forward.

Scott: “What does AHL hockey in Milwaukee look like starting next year?”

Turer: “That’s a great question, it is truly the great unknown. I have no idea when we’ll be able to start up again, will we start with fans, right now it is just a vast wasteland of unknown.”

Coach Taylor tells me he this has been extremely difficult on the entire team, but that they need to keep things in perspective right now and just focus on being good citizens. Reporting at home, Scott Grodsky CBS 58 sports. 

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