A Very Trendy Forecast

NOW: A Very Trendy Forecast

The weather is extra trendy right now. And in the days to come!

Today, we trend cooler. Look at the lows this morning across the area:

 Most of us are a solid ten to even twenty degrees cooler than the afternoon temps from yesterday. It's also quite brisk with that northwest wind funneling in the chill. At least that wind has helped push those clouds out of here with plenty of sun this afternoon.
 Plus, the wind trends lighter as we get into tonight.
 We won't have to worry about additional chill factors, but most spots fall into the teens overnight, so it will feel colder than the last couple nights. Today's date does bring us a milestone in our winter season. For the first time, average high temperatures are back above the freezing mark for Milwaukee.
 The average low also pops back into the twenties from the teens. This stretch lasts for the next 304 days before average highs fall to the freezing mark and average lows slip back to the teens. That's coming December 17th, in case you were wondering.

But moving ahead to the weekend, we're trending milder again. Saturday's highs should push into the middle thirties. We'll have some light snow around during the afternoon and early evening. For most, just expected a dusting. It's possible a few isolated locations could see up to an inch.  

By Sunday, more sun should work back in that will help boost temps to around forty degrees. Next week looks rainy to start, with highs in the forties. Locations could see a half inch to inch of rain as it stands now.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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